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Real Students Review Las Vegas Day School

Student reviews are an essential tool when searching for a private school for your child. They offer an unvarnished view of the school’s atmosphere, staff, and curriculum—all from a student’s point of view. Reviews can provide valuable information about the quality of education, dynamic of classrooms, student activities, and other significant criteria when selecting a school. In short, student reviews are a crucial source of information on a school’s culture and environment, and can be a determinant in deciding if it is the right fit for your child.


Why Should You Choose Las Vegas Day School?

At Las Vegas Day School, we are proud of our school, our teachers and staff, and our modern, state-of-the-art campus. Our challenging, yet realistic, academic expectations have earned us many letters of praise from parents and grandparents since 1961. However, the most important opinion to us is that of our students. After all, the old adage “If you want the truth, talk to a child” still rings true. We encourage you to hear the honest opinions of our students about Las Vegas Day School.


Las Vegas Days School Reviews

Safety & Security


​”The reason I like Las Vegas Day School is because it is a safe environment where kids can learn and know they won’t be bullied.”

— Karisa H., Grade 4


“You can make a lot of long-lasting friends here. The academic program creates a challenging environment, an environment in which I thrive. This school gives you choices that prepare you for the future. It is also a safe place.”

— Gabriel H., Grade 8


Academics & Support 


“I think Las Vegas Day School is great because learning is the number one thing. You have a lot of fun, too!”

— Jared M., Grade 2


“Las Vegas Day School teachers inspire you to make challenging goals, and then push you to do your very best to reach them.”

— Lexi L., Grade 5


“I like LVDS because it is a very good school. You can live better and have a good life if you go to LVDS.”

— Ian D., Grade 1


“What I like most about LVDS is that it allows me to get to know the teachers and the teachers to know me. LVDS allows me to compete in all of the academic activities and sports. What I love most is that it allows me to make great friends and learn at a high academic level.”

— Madison M., Grade 7

“Las Vegas Day School is the best school because we work and learn more than anyone. We celebrate the 100th day of school and we do lots of science experiments.”

— Jackson F., Grade 1


“I feel LVDS is a good school for me because it presents a challenge and prepares each and every student for high school. Las Vegas Day School gives all of it’s students the tools needed to succeed.”

— Samantha H., Grade 8


“I like this school very much because everyone treats each other kindly (like a family). I also like how the teachers are so kind and loving and how they teach me a lot of things. I like how the school is so clean. I like how all of the aides are so kind and loving. I love my school!”

— Annalee R., Grade 2


“LVDS focuses on the all-around development of a student. There is a nice balance of academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. This is made possible by the sheer dedication of the teachers who bring out the best in every student.”

— Shivani D., Grade 7


“The staff is outstanding in their specialties. The curriculum is some of the most challenging I have ever experienced. The teachers are one-on-one and caring. The administration is some of the best in Las Vegas. I love Las Vegas Day School.”

— Ben M., Grade 8


Fun and Creativity


“I think Las Vegas Day School is the best because the teachers and aides are fabulous. They give a great education to all students. The specialist classes are fantastic and fun.”

— Shannon B., Grade 4


“I love going to Art! I can be creative and do lots of fun things. I love being at LVDS with all of my friends.”

— Riley P., Grade 3


Las Vegas Day School: The Perfect Place for Your Child

Las Vegas Day School is the perfect place for your child to excel academically and socially. With our challenging expectations, modern campus, and dedicated teachers and staff, your child will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment. We are confident that your child will benefit greatly from the education that our school provides, and we invite you to come and see for yourself why Las Vegas Day School is the right choice for your child.


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