a school hallway filled with dozens of traveling students with backpacks and rolling bags

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Phone 702-362-1180


Administration E-mail Directory

Neil Daseler | Director
Karli Daseler | Assistant Director
Judy Meese | Admissions Director
Parent Liaison

Tom Shininger | Guidance Counselor
Dean of Students

Tara Warnsdorfer | Guidance Counselor
Michele Howard | Curriculum Coordinator
Kyle Daseler | Business Manager

Office Staff E-mail Directory

Keri Boreta | Main Office Receptionist
Brandy Harris | Purchasing
Boyd Kerbyson | Accounts Receivable
Kathleen Pathi | RN Nurse

Kinderschool E-mail Directory

Brianna Fernandez | Office Coordinator
Karina Herrera | Asst. Office Coordinator
Lucy Fauchon | Preschool A
Julie Martinez | Preschool B
Alexandra Mootry | Preschool C
Bridget Cavanaugh | Pre-Kindergarten A
Lena Martinez | Pre-Kindergarten B
Deborah Qualey | Pre-Kindergarten C
Jeannine Hashiro | Pre-Kindergarten D
Leigh Anne Stoft | Kindergarten A
Kayla Sansonetti | Kindergarten B
Marianne Strole | Kindergarten C
Julie Krueger | Kindergarten D
Monica Yasuda | Kindergarten E

Elementary Specialists E-mail Directory

Miriam Borroel | Spanish I
Francis Torres | Spanish II
Alan Surbaugh | Art I
Daria Peoples | Art II
Jesus Garcia | Physical Education I
Paige Burleson | Physical Education II
Patty Christensen | Computer
Dr. Olivera Gjorgoska | Music I
Lucy Johnston | Music II
Debra Garner | Librarian

Middle School Staff E-mail Directory

Stacey Young | Office Coordinator
Tina Contini | Literature
Laura Owen | English
Robyn Gabe | Literature/English Grade 6
Heidi Wooters | Math
Sue Ann Miller | Computer
Mark Patzman | Math/Computer Grade 6
Taryn Wittenwiler | Social Studies
Dr. Nola Raffail | Science
Jennifer Klimek | SS/Science Grade 6
Dr. Myron Avila | Spanish Grade 6
Frank Daseler | Spanish Grade 7/8
Anthony Stillitano | Health/Fitness
Julie Lubbe | Health/Fitness Grade 6
Katherine Harkins | Art Grade 6/7
Alan Surbaugh | Art Grade 8

Support Staff E-mail Directory

Victoria Holzgrafe | IT Manager
Cherie Bickford | Data Technology Coordinator
Dawn Lindsten | School Store Manager
Christina Gonzales | Media
Wanda Fannon | Uniform Store Associate
Francisco Sanchez | Facility Manager


“The secret in education lies in respecting the student.”