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LVDS Kindergarten Classroom


“The principle goal of education is to create people who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done—people who are creative, inventive and discoverers.”



Las Vegas Day School preschool is a well-balanced and comprehensive program that provides our children with a solid foundation for future academic success. The program concentrates on the complete social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the three-year-old child.

Socially and emotionally, the children learn the importance of sharing and taking turns. At the same time, we lay the foundations for decision making, following routines, and understanding multi-step directions. The program encourages both individual, shared and group activities that promote listening skills and cooperation with others. Children learn to follow class rules for safe and proper behavior in the classroom and on the playground. Each child is treated respectfully and is encouraged to treat others in the same manner. Social interaction and language expansion are encouraged through the use of activity centers and free play. Emphasis is also placed on the development of self-help skills, including good hygiene and health habits.

Cognitive development in preschool involves the children learning to recognize and write their name, and identify uppercase and lowercase letters along with the letter sound. Children are also introduced to numbers and number words from 0-20, basic colors and shapes. The complete, theme-based curriculum integrates pre-reading and literature, beginning writing skills, math, social studies and science using both teacher instruction and learning centers. All lessons are developed to introduce academic concepts and build upon the individual child’s skills and knowledge.

Physical development of large and small motor skills is essential to the preschool program. Large motor skills are developed using music, rhythm and movement, exercise, group games and outdoor play. Small motor skills are developed through pre-writing, cutting, coloring, clay and crafts that also enhance creativity.

In Specials, children are introduced to Spanish, music, art and physical education. Children attend weekly story time in our library.

Las Vegas Day School Preschool creates an environment that nurtures, encourages and motivates each child to develop lifelong learning skills. This is achieved through hands-on experience and play-based activities along with educational, age-appropriate academics.


The pre-kindergarten program provides a positive and rich environment of discovery-learning experiences directed toward four- and five-year-old children. Our goal is to prepare children academically and emotionally for entrance into kindergarten. The atmosphere of the classroom is designed to create excitement for learning through multi-experience subject matter carefully planned for the young child. This will be accomplished with a balanced scheme of centers, as well as with small- and large-group learning activities.

The program emphasizes reading readiness instruction in matching, labeling,
classification, sequencing (picture story) and symbolic ability (naming letters and sounds). Students develop the phonetic approach to reading by learning to isolate and blend beginning, middle and ending sounds of words, and to identify rhyming sounds. In addition, students will strengthen their reading ability through exposure to a list of basic sight words. They are also introduced to a broad, balanced-literacy approach to early learning that reaches into all areas of the curriculum and will ultimately foster an appreciation of good literature. Comprehension includes understanding special relationships and opposites, as well as recalling the main idea, details, cause-and-effect relationships and outcome, as well as distinguishing reality from fantasy in stories and pictures.

In mathematics, the children learn to match (one-to-one), model and count to fifty and beyond, recognize and write numerals, and understand their values. Sequence and use of ordinal numbers are also taught. Geometric shapes (2D and 3D), weights and measurements, coin identification, graphing, beginning addition and subtraction, and time concepts are also introduced at this stage.

Motor skills are emphasized from gross motor skills in the physical activities of running, skipping, hopping, throwing, etc., to the fine motor skills of controlling a pencil, crayon and scissors. The children have a variety of planned activities in learning centers that use different art skills including tracing, coloring, cutting and painting. These activities offer pleasing and creative rewards, while refining the child’s eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

The social-emotional development in the class requires a respectful and positive attitude toward oneself and others. Emphasis is placed on developing listening skills, which helps create a learning environment for individual direction and group cooperation with mutual appreciation.


The Kindergarten program places emphasis upon the individual child’s creativity, learning readiness, personal awareness, self-expression, and courtesy. The reading program stimulates each student to read and comprehend from readiness activities to advanced reading at any grade level. Vocabulary development and comprehension are also a major part of the reading program. Instruction in D’Nealian printing and creative writing is given with the goal of first-grade proficiency. Memorization of poems and class recitation is encouraged. In mathematics, the goal is to develop a quick, easy, and accurate knowledge of numeral recognition and value, which leads into counting by ones, twos, fives, and tens. Basic addition, subtraction, time, and money are also taught. The classroom has a rich science environment with ample cooperative learning opportunities. Social studies is a daily event with programs, guest speakers, and visual aids, which offer a broad spectrum of information, enrichment, and topics. Music, movement, and singing are practiced regularly, and the children participate daily in organized games and outdoor play.