Director’s Message

Neil H. Daseler


Las Vegas Day School was founded by Helen and Jack Daseler in 1961 and was the first non-sectarian, non-denominational private school established in the state of Nevada. The school is licensed by the Nevada State Department of Education and is nationally accredited by Cognia. Cognia is a national commission that provides assurance its member schools and colleges have met the highest standards and criteria of educational quality. We are proud to have successfully educated thousands of children in the Las Vegas community for more than sixty years.

​Las Vegas Day School offers students numerous advantages starting first and foremost with a traditional academic environment. Stimulating instruction is provided in the basics, as well as in science, social studies, art, technology, Spanish, music, and health/fitness. The school places an emphasis on the individual student, study habits, and self-discipline, as well as encourages parent involvement and communication. LVDS offers a safe and secure school setting in which children can feel comfortable, happy, and enjoy the learning process.

​I would encourage you to watch our video as it is an honest and heartfelt depiction by several parents and students of what an education at LVDS truly means.

As a high quality private school, we consider all our students to be college bound – whether it is a Tier 1 college or a small liberal arts university. LVDS graduates have attended some of the finest colleges and universities in the country including Harvard, Northwestern, Yale, MIT, Tufts, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Villanova, Stanford, Boston College, SMU, BYU, Santa Clara, USC, and UCLA. More importantly, our graduates in college consistently report back to us that the education they received at LVDS was what made the difference in their collegiate success.

​That being said, our accelerated middle school curriculum is college preparatory in its format and we are very proud of the fact that twenty percent of our eighth graders score above the average college bound senior on the ACT test each year. This is an amazing accomplishment as these tests are usually reserved for high school juniors and seniors about to start college.

Private school education at Las Vegas Day School is an invaluable investment in the future that reaps its rewards long after the elementary and middle school years end. The preparation that a solid education provides in the developmental years sets the foundation for future success in high school, college, and in life.

Give your child every advantage.
Neil H. Daseler


“There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.”