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LVDS Kindergarten kids looking at a teacher

How To Prepare Your Child For Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is a huge step forward for your child, both academically and socially. Kindergarten is where they really start to figure out their place in the world as they ...
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two young brothers working on homework together

12 Ways To Teach Kids Effective Communication Skills

Learning to communicate with your child—and teaching your child effective communication skills—is a vital part of helping them grow up and move into communicating with the rest of the world ...
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LVDS student on a laptop in the library and smiling at the camera

Real Students Review Las Vegas Day School

Student reviews are an essential tool when searching for a private school for your child. They offer an unvarnished view of the school's atmosphere, staff, and curriculum—all from a student's ...
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Hispanic Mother and Daughter Near School Bus

10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for High School

Eighth grade is an incredible time of late adolescent development reinforced by deep curiosity, learning to think critically, and progress toward becoming a full-fledged adult. Except, there is one more ...
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LVDS teacher smiling with students on the desk

Which is Better: Half-Day vs. Full-Day Kindergarten?

At Las Vegas Day School, we have found a clear contrast in the performance of students who attend full-day kindergarten versus half-day students. Full-day students demonstrate better prosocial skills, test ...
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toddler boy wearing glasses and bowtie

25+ Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Preschool

The benefits of enrolling your child in preschool are widespread. Preschool can help your child with everything from social skills to motor skill development to cognitive thinking, and beyond.  If ...
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laughing boy coloring on desk

How Do You Choose a Preschool?

When you begin the search for a preschool, you'll likely have a few questions as you consider your options. What is a preschool? Why is preschool important? What are the ...
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Boys playing ball flat vector illustration

11 Reasons How Extracurriculars Can Help Kids Develop Life Skills

Academics are certainly the central element of students' experiences during their school years, but they shouldn't be the sole focus. Extracurricular activities, both sponsored through school and those that aren't ...
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STEAM Education Concept

What is STEAM Education?

Acronyms and buzzwords are frequently tossed around in conversations about pretty much everything under the sun, including education. You've probably heard of STEM education and maybe even STEAM education, but ...
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mother and daughter holding piggybank sitting on couch

Why Financial Literacy is Important For Kids

Encouraging our students to be well-rounded, lifelong learners is central to our educational mission at Las Vegas Day School. In addition to a traditional, core curriculum, we believe a rich ...
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