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Frequently Asked Questions


What is staff longevity like at LVDS?

Our goal has always been to find, hire and retain the finest educators possible. We take great pride in the fact that we have a veteran staff and there is very little turnover at LVDS. We have a faculty and staff of 135 with 33 staff members that have been with us for over five years, 9 for over ten years, 16 over fifteen years, 6 over twenty years, and 5 over thirty years. In regard to administration, the school Director is in his 45th year at the school.

Are your teachers licensed?

All of our teachers are licensed by the Nevada Department of Education and are required to take continuing education courses to maintain licensure. Our entire teaching staff has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and approximately 66% of our teachers have master’s degrees.

Is LVDS accredited?

Las Vegas Day School is accredited by Cognia. Cognia is a team of educational professionals that conduct rigorous, on-site reviews of institutions to ensure learners are reaching their potential and the school is committed to continuous improvement. Accreditation is also used by high-quality schools to provide parents verification that the recognized school and academic standards are being met.

Does the school use standardized achievement testing?

LVDS uses the ERB achievement test annually to measure the skills and knowledge acquired at each respective grade level. Our students consistently average above the 85th percentile on national standardized achievement testing.

Does LVDS accept donations or do fundraising?

Las Vegas Day School operates on a tuition only basis and does no school fundraising whatsoever. The school also does not accept any donations, gifts, grants, or federal funding to help offset operational costs nor is there a family name on any building at LVDS. The advantage in this policy is that it creates a school environment whereby all of our students and families are equivalent no matter what their income level. Our parents also do not have to deal with any concerns regarding hidden fees or pressure to donate.

Does the school have campus security?

We contract with a professional school security company and have two highly trained security guards on campus at all times that children are present. The campus points of entry are locked throughout the school day and we have buzzer entry requirements to each of the school offices. All staff members are well trained in our school security procedures and we also conduct lockdown drills monthly for staff and students.

What schools do your students attend after they graduate from LVDS?

Our graduates receive priority placement at all the local area private high schools. We send approximately 60% of our students to Bishop Gorman High School. However, we also send students to The Meadows School, The Adelson Educational Campus, and Faith Lutheran High School. Students also go on to attend various public high schools, including magnet programs such as Ed W. Clark High School Math/Science Magnet, West Career and Technical Academy, Advanced Technology Academy, and The Las Vegas Academy of The Arts. Our graduates do exceptionally well in all the honors programs that are available at the various local high schools.

Does the school have a lunch program?

The school offers a catered lunch program through our partnership with BetterLunch.   They use the freshest ingredients to make kid favorite foods as healthy as possible.  Parents can order lunches online by visiting mybetterlunch.com.

Where do families come from that attend LVDS?

We draw families primarily from the west end of the valley and the Summerlin area. However, we have families from all across the valley, including the Henderson, Southern Highlands and Centennial areas.


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